• The Paws of Life Foundation (PoL) is dedicated to the education of working dog handlers which include search and rescue (SAR) dogs and their handlers.
  • PoL works with agencies at the local level to fund and provide training to working dog handlers and professional volunteer canine handlers.
  • By providing initial and continuing training of the handler, we can help these individuals and their canine partners become a reliable and valuable resource for law enforcement and public safety agencies.
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Who are we?


PoL initiatives include Working K9 Handler Education and K9 Team Coaching. All of these programs are designed to create more highly qualified detection dog teams at the local level.

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Core Values

The Paws of Life Foundation has core values that we adhere too. These values guide our decisions and overall strategies.

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What We Do

A non-profit organization established in 2003, Paws of Life (PoL) educates, coaches and provides training resources to K9 handlers all across the nation.

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We are constantly looking for people and organizations that would like to partner and make a difference in a dog and a persons life. There are many ways to support Paws of Life.

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