Core Values

The Paws of Life Foundation has core values that we adhere to. These values guide our decisions and overall strategies. They are to:

Excel in providing training

Be the best K9 educational resource by providing reasonably priced training options that are based in science, concentrate on solid K9 learning theory and methodologies that are fair to canines and handlers in working canine disciplines.

Provide Thought Leadership

Support best practices while being entrepreneurial, experimenting, and investing in innovative solutions during the offering of our programming and sustaining our business model. Apply scientific rigor, integrity and continuous learning to define and evaluate outcomes achieved by the K9 teams and people in which the Foundation invests.

Build Capacity

Invest in strategies and programs that build local resources and increase the number of highly professional and qualified K9 working teams in the entire United States.

Ensure Financial Leadership and Accountability

Leverage funds to innovate and expand education and K9 placement efforts, maximize impact and returns for funders, and maintain a balanced mix of revenues for financial stability.

Recognize and Develop the Foundation’s Stakeholders

Provide opportunities for all partners, board, and staff, in order to nurture future K9 educational leaders to ensure a sustainable training network at a regional level.

Paws of Life Foundation

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