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2009 Bradshaw Dominance in domestic dogs-useful construct or bad habit?
2009 O’Heare The Least Intrusive Effective Behavior Intervention (LIEBI) Algorithm and Levels of Intrusiveness Table: A Proposed Best-Practices Model
2009 Range The effect of ostensive cues on dogs’ performance in a manipulative social learning task
2009 Ward Third-party interventions in dyadic play between littermates of domestic dogs, Canis lupus familiaris
2008 Gazzano The prevention of undesirable behaviors in dogs:  effectiveness of veterinary behaviorists’ advice given to puppy owners
2008 Haverbeke Cortisol and behavioral responses of working dogs to environmental challenges
2007 Horvath Three different coping styles in police dogs exposed to a short-term challenge
2007 Vas Consistency of dogs’ reactions to threatening cues of an unfamiliar person
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4 articles
•A Pilot Study of the Confounding Effects of “Jute” on Law Enforcement Canine Training – Charlie Mesloh, Ross Wolf and Stephen Holmes
•The Love Languages of Dogs – Angelica Steinker
•How Clicker Training Helped Save The Life of an Aggressive Border Collie – Renee Premaza
•Understanding Learned Helplessness – Sally Treat


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