When training a dog, or a person, having resources and additional information to look at is always important. Therefore, PoL has created a library with peer reviewed articles from respected journals put in one location for those who are interested. Many of these articles are used in writing our classes available on Working K9 Handler Academy. Also, our instructors who are booked for various training events also read and recommend literature.

Several books are also available for canine training and each of those that are found in our online bookstorehave been read and recommended by working canine handlers. We focus on books that are easy to understand, follow good learning theory principles and are based in good science.

Many of the articles found here and other discussions happen on the Working K9 Handler Academy Facebook page and we encourage you to ‘friend’ us and follow along.

You can also look through the articles and links on this site to find additional information. We have articles on K9 learning theory, temperment testing K9’sscenting research and training a detector dog. If you have a resource you would like to suggest, please contact us.

Here are some additional links you may find useful.

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