K9 Handler Academy Online Classes

The mission of the Working K9 Handler Academy is to provide high quality, interactive, computer-based, learning classes designed for the continuing education of working canine handlers or others interested in the field of working canines.

Working canine handlers include:

  • Law Enforcement K9 handlers (police, military)
  • Search and Rescue Canine handlers
  • Schutzhund, Mondo, or French Ring and other competitive protection sports
  • Anyone who may be interested in canine learning theory, nutrition and has a love of dogs

Our current focus is getting the training campus operation to provide face to face courses for those interested.  If you would like to take an online course please:

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Introduction to Canine Search and Rescue (K9 ISAR)

This class offers a basic overview of the field of canine search and rescue. Information about the types of teams, what to look for in a team, certifications available and how to find a team are included.


Search Strategy for the Wilderness/Area Search Dog Handler

This class is meant for the area search or wilderness search dog handler. Covers basic search strategies such as hasty, thorough and terrain strategies.


Crime Scene Preservation and Search Incident Considerations for the Professional Volunteer

This class offers an overview of crime scene preservation for the professional search and rescue volunteer


Water Awareness Course

Bowling Green State University, University of Akron, the State of Ohio Water Technical Advisory Committee and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources


This is an off-site class offered by Bowling Green State University. Follow this link for more information.


Hazard Materials Awareness

This is an off-site class. Participants will learn how to recognize a hazardous materials release and the risks involved. They will also learn how to identify the released material; how to use available resources, including the Emergency Response Guidebook; and how to notify the proper authorities in the event of a hazardous material emergency.

K9Sensus/Paws of Life Foundation

EIN: 20-0413230