Developer Profiles

Robin Habeger

Executive Director, Developer/Instructor

Ms. Robin Habeger began search and rescue in 2001 as a canine handler. Her dicsiplines include wilderness search, human remains detection, water search and disaster response.

Robin has responded to missions in and around Iowa as well as in Canada.
These deployments include missing/lost persons, disaster situations, drownings and other requests by law enforcement agencies. She is also a certified search manager.

In addition to responding to search missions, Robin instructs and evaluates humans and canines on a national level. She is a rostered Canine Lead Evaluator for the National Association for Search and Rescue and the Search Dogs of the United States as well as an instructor for NASAR’s Managing the Lost Peron Incident, a 32 hour search manager class. She has instructed and evaluated across the United States.

Robin currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS) and is a past member of the NASAR Canine Committee. In 2003 she founded and is currently the Executive Director of the Paws of Life Foundation. Her affiliation with several search teams enable her to maintain a broad awareness of SAR on many different levels.

Robin currently resides in Iowa with her border collie, a yellow lab mix (both active certified search dogs), a english shepherd puppy (a search dog in training) and a cat that thinks it’s a dog. Her full time job is with the Iowa State University Foundation as a development officer in corporations and foundation relations. In her “spare” time, Robin enjoys reading and gardening.

Ann Wichmann


Area Search, HRD, Disaster, Water, Trailing, 25 years in canine search work,

Mike Wiederhold


Canine Search since 1989. Disciplines include wilderness search and Human Remains detection.

Cristin Treaster


Cristin Treaster started her law enforcement career as a Baltimore City Police Officer, where she served in patrol and investigative capacities for nearly seven years.  She has been a criminal prosecutor since 2004.  Ms. Treaster has taught Constitutional Law at the Baltimore Police Academy and also at the Harford County Sheriff’s Training Academy.  She has been a search dog handler since 2001, and was the training coordinator for Chesapeake Search Dogs from 2003 until 2009.  She created the Crime Scene Preservation Class for Chesapeake Search Dogs and teaches it and other search-related classes to volunteers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Teresa MacPherson


Ms. Teresa MacPherson has a long history of Search and Rescue experience, specializing in Canine Search and Search Management since 1989. Disciplines include wilderness search, wide-area search, Human Remains detection, water search and disaster response.

Teresa has responded to numerous missions on a local, State, Federal and International level. These deployments include the OKC bombing of the Murrah building, Hurricane Katrina and hurricane Ike, the Bam, Iran earthquake, the school collapse in Haiti, as well as responses to call-outs by the FBI, CIA, NCIS and local law enforcement agencies.

In addition to responding to search missions, Teresa instructs and evaluates on a local, State, Federal and International level. She is a rostered Lead Instructor for FEMA, an adjunct Instructor with the Texas engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Public Safety & Security (PS&S) Division, as well as a rostered Lead Evaluator for FEMA and a Virginia State Evaluator. She has instructed and evaluated across the United States and has traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, Sao Paulo, Brazil and the United Kingdom to assist in the education and evaluation of their search resources.

Teresa is currently the Chair of the FEMA Canine Sub-Group, which oversees the federal US&R canine program. She is a member of the FEMA Search Working Group. She also sits on the NIMS SAR Working Group. Her affiliation with several other search-related groups enable her to maintain a broad awareness of SAR on many different levels.

Teresa currently resides in Virginia with her husband, Jack, and her three Labrador Retrievers. Most of her time is spent with Search and Rescue, but she maintains a hands-on relationship with the real estate title insurance company that she co-founded in 1984. In her “spare” time, Teresa enjoys recreational scuba-diving.

Tim Hanavan


Five years ago, Tim Hanavan was approached by the Maryland Natural Resources Police to assist in putting together a training course to train first responders along with search and rescue personnel in how to preserve a crime scene.  Reserve Officer Hanavan along with the Special Operations section of the Maryland Natural Resources Police put the course together and implemented it in Maryland.  Along with the contributions of Cristin Treaster, a prosecutor in Maryland and a search dog handler, this program was developed to assist first responders, search and rescue personnel and volunteers in the appropriate behavior when discovering a potential crime scene.

Tim Hanavan is a Reserve Officer with the Maryland Natural Resources Police Special Operations section.  He is the primary instructor for the Crime Scene Preservation course provided by the Maryland Natural Resources Police.  In addition to being an instructor for the MNRP Crime Scene Preservation course, he is also an instructor for ICS, Woodland Tactical Operations, and Search Management with agency.  In addition to his instructional duties, Tim works as a search manager for the MNRP and has been involved in over 200 searches in the Mid Atlantic region.

Rhonda Comegys


Canine Search since 1989. Disciplines include wilderness search, Human Remains detection, water search and disaster response.

Paws of Life Foundation

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